Cellio – Industrial IoT

Powering the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

GovMobile is pleased to offer Cellio by Device Solutions, a suite of hardware and software products that can build secure and scalable wireless systems for Industrial IoT applications.Using a combination of Cellular, Wi-Fi and LoRa LPWAN technologies, Cellio offers tremendous flexibility to adapt to dozens of IoT applications.

Transceiver – With 16 general-purpose input/output connectors (GPIO) that can support up to 16 sensors or controls per end point, the Cellio transceiver can be adapted to a wide variety of sensors/ actuators. The unit’s 900MHz LoRa radio allows the transceiver to connect through gateways connected to cellular and or Wi-Fi networks.

Gateway – Each gateway can support hundreds of 900MHz transceivers over a 3 square mile area and utilize cellular or Wi-Fi connections to connect the transceiver to a back-end cloud application.


Cellio can be used for a number of remote monitoring and control applications, including:

  • Bridge and Tower Light Monitoring
  • Tank Level Monitoring
  • Storage Bin Levels
  • Flow Meters
  • Temperature Sensing