DataNET M2M Platform

GovMobile is pleased to offer DataNET by Datalink Systems, Inc., a proven integrated M2M platform with over 20 years of history serving commercial industry and government agencies around the globe. The platform is comprised of a suite of proprietary software and hardware as well as 3rd party hardware, software and mapping applications that enables GPS tracking of and two-way messaging with mobile workers, remote assets, sensors, actuators and other remote endpoints.

DataGate ArchitectureDataNET is very flexible and is extensible to a variety of applications through customization and the use of 3rd party hardware, allowing it to address a range of mission requirements, including:

  • Real-time GPS Tracking of People, Vehicles and Assets.
  • GeoFencing alert notifications when an items moves beyond set boundaries.
  • Surveillance, Covert and Hot Pursuit Tracking.
  • AVL and Fleet Management including OBD & J1939 Integration.
  • Tracking the transport of hazardous waste, fragile, or perishable cargo.
  • Field Force Automation.
  • Wireless tracking and protection of lone workers.
  • Land Mobile Radio – GPS & 2-Way Data Messaging.
  • Remote monitoring of pumping stations, oil and gas facilities, water reservoirs and remote generators.
  • SCADA & Telemetry Systems for Smart Grid applications.
  • Remote Monitoring & Control.


i50 MobiHUB

The i50 MobiHUB designed by Datalink Systems and made in the USA, is an advanced GPS tracking and data processing device capable of operating over multiple networks. Internal module options include an Iridium SBD satellite modem and quad-band GSM-GPRS modem.  Multiple external devices can be connected, including Kenwood NEXEDGE mobile radios, OBD-II engine monitors, Garmin navigation and messaging terminals and Lone Worker devices.

Key Features:

  • Internal 50-channel GPS receiver.
  • Internal satellite, GSM-GPRS and external modem options, with auto switching.i50 - GovMobile
  • Three external RS-232 serial ports.
  • Sleep mode with adjustable wakeup timer.
  • Wide input voltage range with load-dump protection.
  • Battery voltage monitoring.
  • Nine digital I/O lines.
  • Two analog inputs.
  • Switched power output for driving external devices.
  • Internal flash memory for permanent storage of unit settings.
  • Internal data buffer with backup battery eliminates data loss.
  • Internal three-axis accelerometer with auto leveling.
  • SCADA ready.

3rd Party Hardware

DataGate is compatible with a wide range of data terminals and tracking devices and new devices can usually be integrated quickly for nominal development charges. Devices include:

  • GPS Fleet and Personal Tracking Devices
  • Smartphone Apps. Android, IoS, BlackBerry and Windows
  • Land Mobile Radios
  • Satellite Phones with GPS
  • Messaging Terminals
  • Officer Down and Covert tracking systems