Samsung Galaxy S8 Family

GovMobile is a member of the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP) enabling us to deliver Samsung products and mobility solutions that address the needs of today’s mobile workforce and secure IT environments. As a Silver level SI/VAR partner, GovMobile offers the best Samsung mobile experience for our customers through a comprehensive suite of installation, integration and support services. With FIPS and Common Criteria validation, Government and Enterprise customers appreciate that Samsung devices are equipped with leading security features, including on-device encryption and secure data connectivity. Additionally, each device is protected by Samsung Knox™ a holistic array of security enhancements from the hardware layer all the way to the application layer.

Unlocked Devices

GovMobile delivers unlocked Samsung smartphones and tablets that are tied to a specific carrier or network. These unlocked devices are free of carrier bloatware and are used by Government and Military agencies for a variety of applications such as tactical end user displays (EUDs). We offer a wide range of Samsung products, including the Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets, including the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7/S7 Edge and the recently announced Galaxy S8 / S8+.

Samsung Knox

As a Samsung Knox platinum reseller, GovMobile offers the full complement of KNOX solutions, including:

GovMobile KNOX Platinum Reseller

  • Knox Workspace – Enterprise cevice container
  • Knox Premium – Cloud-based device management
  • Knox Mobile Enrollment – Bulk enrollment took

Samsung Knox Customization

With KNOX Customization, GovMobile can transform Samsung smartphones and tablets into purpose-built appliances for use in a variety of enterprise applications such as logistics management, customer service kiosks, healthcare delivery, training and education, just to name a few. KNOX customization creates a secure environment on Samsung devices where end users interact with defined user-interface along with controlled access to networks, Bluetooth, USB and the operating system.

KNOX Customization enables the complete control of the user experience and what can be seen on a device and the highly configurable kiosk mode allows you to create on seamless experience for specific business functions. Ask GovMobile how KNOX customization can allow you to quickly and easily deploy enterprise applications on Samsung tablets and smartphones.

Samsung SDS Enterprise Mobility Manager (EMM)

Samsung SDS EMM solution is built with the highest security standards and holds validations from NIAP/CC as well as the NSA CSfC program. Whether managing devices in a tactical, classified, or secure enterprise environment, Samsung EMM offers a comprehensive suite of device, data and application management and security solutions.