Roadside Changeable Message Signs

Remote Messaging and GPS Tracking

GovMobile - Variable Messaging Signs

Fixed and portable changeable message signs are an integral part of an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) offering traffic managers the ability to furnish timely, concise, and dynamic traffic information to motorists for traffic control, incident management, congestion mitigation, and emergency communication.

GovMobile offers a fully integrated, cloud-based, IoT solution that enables Traffic Manager to remotely change messages via cellular or satellite communications and to determine the exact GPS location of your mobile messaging assets.

GovMobile helps Traffic Managers address the following challenges:

  • Network Failure: Do you have a backup connection if the primary network connection to a messaging sign fails?
  • Manpower Utilization: Do you have to roll a truck to a remote site in order to change the message displayed?
  • Asset Management : Do you know the precise location of all your portable messaging signs?  Do you waste time calling and driving to storage yards trying to find misplaced signs?
  • Asset Monitoring: Would you like to remotely monitor the health and status of remote assets such as voltage levels, tampering events such as door opens, trailer movement, etc?

If these challenges sound familiar, GovMobile’s wireless remote messaging solution can help you meet these challenges head-on.  Our cloud based application can be accessed anywhere and at anytime, allowing you to send messages without having to tie-up manpower and the expense of a truck roll to a remote sight. Dual cellular and satellite communications provides multiple redundant paths to ensure you can always send updated messages and GPS tracking of each portable sign ensures valuable messaging assets are accounted for and fully utilized.

The system is compatible with NTCIP and AMSIG protocols and uses an IP-Port communication structure which allows for simple integration with existing message controllers.


  • Redundancy – Failover to Cellular or Satellite networks in the event of a primary network failure.
  • Safety – Messages can be changed via remote web access eliminating the need for a worker to physically access the keyboard at the sign.
  • Timeliness – Eliminate the time-delay associated with rolling a truck in order to change the message displayed.
  • Improved Utilization – Know the precise location of all portable messaging assets ensures you are maximizing the use of your fleet of signs.

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