Device Configuration and Kitting

If your organization is faced with the challenge of deploying hundreds or thousands of mobile devices, GovMobile delivers an entire range of device customization services that can speed deployment of large enterprise mobility roll outs, reduce software integration and processing costs, and support what has been fielded through our reverse logistics services.

GovMobile offers handset distribution and logistics services that can handle the largest enterprise deployments out of a secure, 30,000 sq ft distribution center located in the mid-west.  We can manage your device inventory and offer direct fulfillment delivering fulfillment details such as: Serialized IMEIs, Shipping Tracking Numbers and EDI compliant reporting.

Handsets can be customized to your needs including removing or adding branding to the device and or battery door, and we can create custom kits that include custom OEM style boxes, custom labeling, and generic user guides & manuals.

GovMobile also offers a variety of software engineering services that delivers customized or de-branded software for nearly any handset manufacturer in the world, including the following:

• Wake-up & power-down images / animations
• Add or remove applications
• Menu icons or menu formats
• Modify ringtones, wallpapers, home screen layouts
• Add or remove locks (GSM & CDMA)
• Add or remove custom animations
• Add or change default carrier network settings and APN profiles
• Add or remove factory loaded applications
• Load customer applications
• Install customer ROM & OS loads

Our reverse logistics solutions allow us to manage the reverse flow of product such as recycling your devices and or returning them to new for re-use in your business. We can triage, service, and repair handsets, re-flash to most current approved SW Load, and re-kit in custom boxes w/ inserts.