Roadside Changeable Message Signs

Fixed and portable changeable message signs are an integral part of an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) offering traffic managers the ability to furnish timely, concise, and dynamic traffic information to motorists for traffic control, incident management, congestion mitigation, and emergency communication.

GovMobile offers a fully integrated, cloud-based, IoT solution that enables Traffic Manager to remotely change messages via cellular or satellite communications and to determine the exact GPS location of your mobile messaging assets.

Bridge and Radio Tower Light Monitoring

Bridges and Radio Towers are required to display navigation lights or beacons to ensure safe navigation for vessels and aircraft. Outages must reported to federal authorities in a timely manner, which requires the owner to conduct nightly visual inspections that are costly and consume manpower. Noncompliance with notification procedures could subject the owner to penalties or monetary forfeitures in addition to the navigational hazards presented.

Applying the latest IoT technologies, GovMobile has developed a wireless remote monitoring solution that provides continuous monitoring of navigation and obstruction lights, alerting the owner via email, text message and via a web-based dashboard interface whenever a light failure occurs.